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Everyone’s dream before becoming a parent is to have an ideal and perfect child. When families learn that they have a child with special needs, they first go through the stages of shock, then denying the situation, blaming themselves or others for the situation, and at this point you are not alone.

After the evaluation of the child by a specialist doctor is completed, education should be started as soon as possible. It is possible for the child to be accepted in the social environment and to establish good relationships by reducing or eliminating special needs. Every minute is very precious and very important for us with our expert staff. Every step your children take in their developmental stages proves our success and makes us happy for 20 years.

After the evaluation phase, we plan a mobile special education programme for each child and apply education methods in the most appropriate environment for the child to integrate into social life. Mobile special education improves many skills such as attention deficit, muscle and joint development, communication skills, adaptation to social environment, sleep patterns, controlling hyperactivity, coordination skills.

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