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    Family Messages

    Hello, I’m Zeynep Baby’s mother, we were diagnosed with developmental delay + Atypical autism at 15 months old. Everyone who reads this knows that fear due to fingertip pressing and eye contact limitation… my research brought me here. First of all, the fact that my teacher Koray talked to me like an older brother and patiently explained me for a long time made me very comfortable, especially when he first saw Zeynebi, why don’t you make her wear shoes? With the right choice of shoes, toe pressing has decreased to the point that it is said to be over, she started to walk 🙂 gestures, mimics increased, words started to come out and of course, those caring behaviors that they love and care more like their own children than educators… I can’t thank you enough, they are in my prayers every night… the right place, the right approach, the right time, we have come a long way, thank God you are here

    Mrs. Büşra

    Zeynep's Mother

    This is an update message. My son South is 3.5 years old and it has been 2 months since I left special education. He started half-day kindergarten. We had no difficulty in the adaptation process. He is very happy doing the activities and activities in kindergarten. Güney now objects when there is a situation he does not want, chooses his own clothes, says where he wants to go, our toilet training is now complete, he obeys the rules of the house, he can play and play alone, he makes his toys talk, his imitation skills are very good, he learned to share, he says the names of his classmates. The process of adapting to kindergarten was much easier thanks to mobile special education. I will never forget the support of my teachers Baturay and Koray on the first day of kindergarten and afterwards. Knowing that they will not leave us alone in the future when I cannot find a solution for Güney makes me feel very peaceful and safe. We are constantly ringing your ears 🙂 We love you very much.

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    Mrs. Didem

    Güney's Mother

    My son Ahlas is 2 years old and we searched for many places due to the suspicion of Autism Spectrum Disorder and Developmental Delay. We came across Koray Uygur Sports Club on the occasion of Instagram. In such cases, unfortunately, we as parents do not know what to do and what path we should follow. As soon as I had a meeting with Mr Baturay, everything he said made sense to me and they asked us to come to only 8 lessons and said that if there was no positive change or progress, you could leave. The education process with Ahlas started on 6 September We noticed changes in our son before 8 lessons. There was no eye contact, he did not look when he called his name, he always slept on the swings in the park, he did not go to anyone, he had stopped talking months ago, if he wanted to eat or drink something, he could not tell if he wanted to eat or drink, there was no command taking, there was no clapping, waving, kissing. It has only been 3 months since I started there and all of them are there now, my son is about to catch up with his peers. Now he started to speak slowly. If he wants to eat or drink something, he brings it and gives it to us, we open it and give it to him. He wants to eat his own food.His perception has opened up a lot. When he sees the parks, he immediately goes to run and play. We can now enter the playgrounds. Ahlasda loves his teachers very much, they spend a very nice and productive time. Many other skills that I cannot write more have come back. Please, as a mother, if you have a child in a similar situation, go to Koray Uygur Sports Club before rehabilitation centres. Change must first start with us as parents. The more conscious people we want to move forward, the more beneficial we can be for our children. I come from Torbalı and I am glad we are a part of this family. Your sincerity, sincerity, the approach of the teachers towards our children is wonderful. May God bless Koray Hocam-Baturay Hocam and the whole team behind them. You are super… I am glad you are here…

    Elif Hanım

    Ahlas's Mother

    It’s been 6 months since we crossed paths with you. There is no trace of Ata when we first arrived. Ata was a child who had very little eye contact, did not look at his name, did not speak, and was an irritable child. At our first doctor check
    Thanks to you, we made 7 months of progress in 2 months. Thanks to your efforts, we managed to hold hands and walk with Ata and this happened in our first 1 week. Our son communicates with us and his environment. He plays games with his peers, even takes a step to play, our word digit is constantly increasing. Our imitation ability has increased greatly. Koray Teacher and Baturay Teacher, who do their job properly, your place for us is very different. We are very grateful to you for your efforts, sharing your knowledge with us, listening to us one by one from the heart, guiding us and ensuring that our hope is not lost. Thank goodness you are here.

    Bahar Hanım

    Ata's Mother

    Hayal is a 12-year-old child with autism, shouting, fear of public transport, no speech, no speech, a child who was irritable, all of them have been lifted for 1 year since we started here, and now he is at school and around us, his teachers said that Hayal is doing very well, his doctor told us to reduce his medication anymore, he is very good now, thanks to Koray Teacher, Baturay Teacher and the whole team.

    Sevda Hanım

    Hayal's Mother

    Since we started Mobile Special Education, Yağmur has improved a lot, I wish we had met earlier, I wish we had met earlier, when we first came here, there was a walking disorder in the rain, she couldn’t express herself, because she came here with love and desire, people around me are asking where are you going, there has been so much improvement in the rain, I would like to say that I recommend it to everyone, I would like to thank all my teachers and the Koray teacher and the Baturay teacher for their contributions.

    Makbule Hanım

    Yağmur's Mother

    Hello, I am Emir Taylan Karaeşin’s mother, we have been coming to Koray Uygur Sports Club with my son for 8 years, when we first came, my son had distraction, balance problem, lack of self-confidence, There were many things such as muscle problems and inability to express themselves, my son’s diagnosis was serabral palsy and mild mental retardation, we overcame all of these, and now I still bring my son here because he has scoliosis that develops later and because this is a reliable place, and I will continue to bring my son because he needs to do sports for life anyway, thanks to the support and friendliness of this place, my son comes here willingly and willingly.

    Firaz Hanım

    Taylan's Mother

    My daughter Ceylin is 4.5 years old. With the early diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, we were at a point where we did not know what to do as parents and how to follow a path, but we came across by chance, and at the first moment we went to the interview, we erased all our anxious thoughts about our child from our minds and returned home with peace of mind. We are now in our 8th session and we have completely finished the phone and television since the first session. My daughter, who only repeated words with me and her father, started to learn to say more words. I was rocking her to sleep on my feet and now she goes to sleep on her own from time to time. We have endless respect and love for the whole team who helped my daughter overcome most of the obstacles in her life and continue to help her continue her life more easily. Thanks to them, we start every day with a new hope. Love to our Koray teacher, Baturay teacher and other teachers.

    İlknur Hanım

    Ceylin's Mother

    Hello, I am Ardende’s mother Semra, when we first arrived, we had sound sensitivity and eye contact, but there was nothing else, except for the father and food, we did not have any words except for the father and food, our words started to come in 1.5 months, we started to receive commands, we are now in our 6th month, there are developments that can be noticed from the outside, even people outside see the development, our word numbers have increased, most importantly, he now plays with children and his brother in the park, he plays games with his brother, and he is now a child ready for kindergarten, thank you to Koray Hocama and Baturay Hocama.

    Semra Hanım

    Arden's Mother

    Hello, my name is Nazile, my daughter Elisa is 4 and a half years old and does not speak. We came here from Bulgaria for special education, we have been there since September, there was a little change in Elisa at first, but after that we always counted in our place. I heard about Mr Koray from a mother and I came with his advice and they are really very, very interested, they answer every question asked and most importantly, they tell me what to do and what not to do at home. We have been receiving training here for 1 week and Elisa is making progress, she started to take more commands, her attention increased, she warmed up to our teachers, got used to them and started to communicate with them and I am very happy about it. I hope this development will continue and there will be more progress. I thank them…!

    Nazile Hanım

    Elisa's Mother

    This is my update message for my daughter Gülce, at the end of the 1 year we spent with our teachers Koray Uygur and Baturay Toksoy, even I could not have guessed that I could write this article like this. At this point we have come to with my child, we can now do many things together, family trips, nature walks, shopping mall trips and the most beautiful thing is that my daughter is the sought-after girl of the playgrounds. One of the issues I want to talk about the most is toilet training, although they said that we could finish this job in 1 week, I could not believe it. When the brain thinks correctly, the child can really do everything, I saw this in my own child. Like the light I saw when he watched his friends riding scooters (on a very crisis day) and wanted to take his scooter at home and drive it himself. Expressing her emotions better, sharing her games, food, choosing her own clothes, preparing her bag, even dressing herself, and the smile and pride reflected on her face of being able to do these things in my daughter, I would like to thank the team that made me experience these things. I am sure that we will experience more beautiful things, where have we come from? This team has given us the opportunity to think differently, to experience other things in our lives other than routines. I am endlessly grateful.

    Merve Hanım

    Gülce's Mother

    First of all, Cook tskr erdm from Koray teacher to Baturay teacher and his team God bless you, we started here 1 and a half months ago, when we first came here, my son did not have eye contact, he did not have socialisation, he could not talk, but thank God, our eye contact increased, he started to talk slowly, he started to socialise, they succeeded in such a short time, they did not enter the playgrounds, my son was not entering the playgrounds, now he is entering the playground, thank God, I was Cook satisfied, I am glad to witness them all.

    Bircan Hanım

    Miran's Mother